Wednesday, 10 May, 2006

You CAN have too much memory

Since I upgraded my laptop's memory, periodically I'll come back after stepping away for a while and see a message box on the screen, reading: "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API."  The first couple of times I saw that I figured it was just some program I had running popping up a goofy error message when the computer went to hibernate.  But when it happened with very few applications running, I began to get suspicious.

Google is your friend.

A quick search revealed this blog post from October 2004.  After more than a year of beating on Microsoft about the issue, Microsoft released a hotfix for in November 2005.  There are some who say that applying the fix doesn't solve the problem, but I'm betting that for one reason or another it didn't get installed right on those systems.  Most of what I've read on the issue indicates that the hotfix works.

I fail to understand, though, why Microsoft insists on making me beg for the hotfix.  I'll have to contact Microsoft Support and deal with some flunky to prove that, yes, I really am having a problem with hibernation and that it's okay to send me the patch.  I guess it's okay to ship a broken operating system that people pay for, but company policy prevents them from distributing fixes for free.  Just put the damned file on the Web site and let me download it already.  Idiots.

More info once I actually get the fix and run it for a few days.