Thursday, 18 May, 2006

Spring Wildlife

It seems like we get new wildlife every spring.  We haven't seen too many deer this year, as two of our three adjoining neighbors have put up new fences.  It seems odd, too, that we haven't seen any fawns yet this year.  My notes from previous years show that this is about the time of the year when we usually see new fawns.  Neither Debra nor I have seen any in the yard or in the neighborhood during our walks with Charlie.  I think the deer are thinning out--migrating further north.  I can hope.

The rabbit at left is being a pest this year, apparently trying to build a nest in Debra's herb garden.  Last weekend the thing tore up her tarragon while digging a nest in the pot.  Why the rabbit thinks that a 10-gallon pot would make a good home is beyond me.  Charlie saw the thing out the window and wanted to chase it.  If the herb garden was in the back yard, I'd let Charlie have rabbit for dinner.  If he could catch it.

We've resorted to putting Liquid Fence around the herb pots.  It seems to be an effective deterrant, although we do have to re-apply the stinky stuff after a rain storm.

I think this a small bull snake.  Sorry about the screen, but I saw it on the ledge outside the kitchen window and it's very difficult to get between the bush and the window .  A few years ago we got rid of a bull snake that was three or four feet long--big enough to endanger our little poodle.  I'll have to hunt this one down and keep an eye on it.

It's surprising what you find when you move furniture away from the wall.  This desiccated corpse is the remains of a gecko that used to hang out in Debra's African Violets.  We wondered what happened to him.