Tuesday, 13 June, 2006

Birthday Challenge!

It's 4-1/2 months before my 45th birthday.  As I mentioned previously, I am planning to do a birthday challenge.  In keeping with the tradition of featuring the birthday number, I am working on a list of 45 things that I wish to accomplish over the 4.5 days around my birthday.  My birthday is Friday, 27 October.  I figure I'll start my challenge on Wednesday morning and complete it on Sunday evening.  I haven't completed my list, but here are the big things:

I'm still working on the list and expect to complete it soon.  I will create a "birthday challenge" page here on my Web site, and also will announce the challenge over at birthdaychallenge.com.  If you're interested in participating or helping out, send me an email:  jim at mischel.com.

Oh, and if you're wondering why, read Why A Birthday Challenge.