Since 1989, my writing has appeared in many industry publications including Visual Developer Magazine (formerly PC TECHNIQUES), Dr. Dobb's Journal, and PC Magazine. I currently host the .NET Reference Guide for InformIT Network, and write articles and product reviews for DevSource.

Following is a reasonably complete list of all my publications to date:


Macro Magic with Turbo Assembler, John Wiley and Sons, 1992
The Developer's Guide to WINHELP.EXE, John Wiley and Sons, 1993
Delphi Programming Explorer (coauthor), Coriolis Group Books, 1995
The New Delphi 2 Programming Explorer (coauthor), Coriolis Group Books, 1996

Kick Ass Delphi Programming (coauthor), Coriolis Group Books, 1996

C++Builder Programming Explorer (coauthor), Coriolis Group Books, 1997

High Performance Delphi 3 Programming (coauthor), Coriolis Group Books, 1997

Kylix Power Solutions (coauthor), Coriolis Group Books, 2001

Magazine Articles

"Adding AWK-like extensions to C", Dr. Dobb's Journal, June 1989.
"A Global Variable Device Driver for MS-DOS", Dr. Dobb's Journal, October 1989.
"COBOL: Beyond Mainframes", Computer Language, July 1990.
"Extending printf()", Dr. Dobb's Journal, August 1990.
"Setting the DOS Prompt when Shelling to DOS", PC Techniques, June/July 1991.
"Tracing the DOS Device Driver Chain", PC Techniques, Aug/Sept 1991.
"Efficient String Allocation in Turbo Pascal", PC Techniques, Aug/Sept 1991.
"Critique: Three Memory-Access Guardians", PC Techniques, Aug/Sept 1991.
"Dusting off COBOL", Computer Language, November 1991.
"New Uses for Old EQUates", PC Techniques, Feb/March 1992.
"Critique: Microsoft's Assembler, V6.0", PC Techniques, Feb/March 1992.
"The AT Real-Time Clock", PC Techniques, June/July 1992.
"COBOL Returns", Computer Language, September 1992.
"Printing in the Raw", PC Techniques, Dec/Jan 1993.
"A Guide to Windows Help", PC Techniques, Feb/March 1993.
"Setting the File Open Mode in Turbo Pascal", PC Techniques, Feb/March 1993.
"Fixing TP's String Collection Compares", PC Techniques, April/May 1993.
"Accessing Compile Date and Time in Turbo Pascal", PC Techniques, June/July 1993.
"Building Dual-Mode Executables", PC Techniques, Oct/Nov 1993.
"Inline Assembly Register Usage in Borland C++", PC Techniques, Dec/Jan 1994.
"Undocumented WinHelp Macros", Windows/DOS Developer's Journal, January 1994.
"Extended Keyboard Support for Turbo Vision", PC Techniques, Dec/Jan 1995.
"More Undocumented WinHelp Macros", Windows/DOS Developer's Journal, December 1994.
"Debugging WinHelp DLLs with TDW", PC Techniques, Feb/Mar 1995
"Unloading a Crashed DLL", PC Techniques, Feb/Mar 1995
"Writing DLLs for Windows Help, Part 1", The WinHelp Journal, Spring 1995
"Writing DLLs for Windows Help, Part 2", The WinHelp Journal, Summer 1995
"Undocumented WinHelp, Part 1" (with Pete Davis), PC Magazine, July 1995
"Undocumented WinHelp, Part 2" (with Pete Davis), PC Magazine, September 12, 1995
"Regaining Control after Calling WinHelp", PC Techniques, Aug/Sept 1995
"Critique: Turbo Power's Orpheus 1.0", PC Techniques, Oct/Nov 1995
"DirectPlay Gotchas", Dr. Dobb's Sourcebook, May/June 1996
"Rant++", Visual Developer, June/July 1997
"Asserting Your Way to Bug-Free Delphi Programs", Visual Developer, Oct/Nov 1997
"The Tragedy of TS", Visual Developer, Feb/Mar 1998
"Grab a CAB:  CAB Compression", Visual Developer, Sep/Oct 1999
"The Failure of the Free Software Community", Dr. Dobb's Journal Online Op-Eds, September 2000


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