Friday, 03 March, 2006

Spring is Here

It appears that Spring has come to Central Texas.  I noticed the Texas redbuds blooming while I was on my bike ride this afternoon, and the Arizona ash trees are beginning to leaf out.  My peach tree is leafed out and beginning to bloom, which probably means that we're due for another frost before Spring officially arrives.

Sunday is the 78th Zilker Kite Festival.  I might take time off from riding to go take a look.

And, for the third year in a row, I'm preparing for my April madness:  a 335-mile, three-day bike ride from home to Harlingen, Texas.  This started out as a bit of craziness just to see if I could do it.  It's turned into an annual event raising money to fund a scholarship endowment for the Marine Military Academy.  This year we'll have another graduate (Frank Colunga, who graduated in 1975), and possibly one other.  Debra's training has suffered and she probably won't do the entire ride, but she's hoping to do the last day with us.

Work is keeping me busy, which is the reason for my absence here.  Perhaps next week I'll have a little time to catch up on the in box.