Thursday, 09 March, 2006

Mail server problem

For the second time in two years, my ISP has had a "mail server issue," and my email was down for almost an entire day.  When the server came up, I had to re-initialize my email account and Debra's.  I've had friends call and ask me if my email address is still good.

If you sent me mail yesterday, it probably bounced.  Even if it didn't bounce, it's likely that I did not receive it.  I think that any mail sent to me between noon EST on March 8 and 9:00 AM on March 9 ended up in the bit bucket.  If during that time you sent something that needs my attention, please re-send it.

The last time this happened, my spam count went from over 200 messages per day to almost zero.  It'll be interesting to see if I see similar results this time.