Monday, 03 April, 2006

Ride Preparation

Frank and Craig showed up this morning, and our support crew arrived this afternoon.  After a big pasta dinner at Olive Garden with fellow alumnus Fred Gladle and his wife, we headed back to the house to load the van and get everything set up.  It's 9:00 pm now.  We'll get up at 4:30 and try to be on the road before 5:30.

Our support crew consists of Debra, Kuni Beasley (MMA 1972), Kuni's wife Michelle, and her daughter Rebekah.  Michelle is responsible for getting the magnetic sign graphics.  The van is courtesy of Gateway School and Dr. Beasley.

The first day is 135 miles to Kenedy.  It's unlikely that I'll have an update here until at least Wednesday night.