Wednesday, 14 February, 2007


The HyperBike is the ultimate human-powered land vehicle.  The thing is a work of art and an apparently effective transportation device.  The inventor swears that you could get 50 MPH out of the HyperBike, although you couldn't convince me of that by how he operates the thing in a parking lot (in this video).  It looks exceedingly awkward.  The cranks for the foot pedals look too short, and the standing position doesn't look like the most effective way to operate the hand cranks.

But for all that, the HyperBike is really cool.  And the model posing with it isn't too bad, either.

Somebody in a car wouldn't able to say, "I didn't see it!", about one of these things coming down the road.  And if 50 MPH is easily achievable, I should be able to keep it at 30 or 40 without too much trouble.  A sustained 30 MPH over a flat course would be very nice.  I can't do that on my road bike for more than a few minutes.

Now where do I strap the grocery container so I can take this thing shopping?